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Residential Roof Installation

Residential Roof Installation

If you have plans of re-doing residential roof installation or build a new-fangled house, selecting the right profile for the right residential roof application will make all the difference. Below are the common pitches and profiles that homeowners are most suited to. The installation cost of metal roofs can be high and coming across the right application profile will make the difference when it comes to the lifespan of the roof.

Corrugated, Victorian, or S profile possesses narrow ribs and a pan which are close to one another. Due to this, it can shrug off limited water, and is best suited to high pitches from around ten degrees.

Victorian profile is old-fashioned sheeting that is used on period house designed to look old. Since it is pleasing aesthetically, there is no issue utilizing it on high-pitched and visible roofs.

Corrugated sheeting lends itself to rolling, allowing the sheeting to mold a curve without cranking.



Inverted box rib or IBR sheeting used for residential roof installation from Treasure Coast Roofers has a wide pan between the ribs. It makes it suited to lower pitches because it can channel large amounts of water to the runoff points.

It is less appealing visually but it is popular in residential application and very frequently in commercial and industrial developments like malls and factories.

You can lay IBR in any of the two configurations – the traditional narrow flute out or the broad flute out that is used for cladding vertical surfaces. It provides a different aesthetic and can undergo combination, creating an appearance of two profiles.

If the sheeting can be laid to a curve, sheets can get cranked to the curve profile, making laying easy to ease proposition.


Secret Fix Sheeting

These profiles abound as patented products by a certain manufacturer. These sheets are laid minus piercing the sheet to the clips that are fixed to battens or purlins on trusses or rafters.

Since the sheeting is not pierced, and the sheeting has a broad pan, channeling water effectively, they are suitable for low pitches at few degrees only.

Usually high in cost, concerning the material, they may be cost effective in the long term, being quite easy to lay, and with suppliers providing options for onsite rolling to the length of sheet requirement. Residential roof installation cost of metal roof includes labor; therefore, it is likely to even out. They offer better aesthetic without visible fixings.

Because unique profiles provide different benefits, it is good to consider the choices you have carefully, and if you are in doubt, consult Treasure Coast Roofers because they are professionals in the manufacture of roofing materials. They can advise you on the ways of reducing the installation cost for metal roofs by selecting the right individuals.

In the current world, you will find very many firms providing residential roof installation services for your roofing project. It is quite easy to choose the for purposes of constructing a durable and solid roof but you need to conduct in-depth research about the experience and history of the firm before handing to it your job. You need to make sure that you employ a professional expert to check on the longevity and durability of the roof after undergoing construction. A roof that is properly constructed bust durable and have the ability to withstand violent conditions of the weather but they need to be lightweight also.

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